Zen Hunting

I have always struggled with being able to find that quiet spot inside myself… I seemed to believe I had to be in a temple, Japanese garden or a rainforest to experience it. I mean surely Zenness required some special place that was sacred or something… right? I would ask myself… who can have any Zen in all this chaos, this place doesn’t have the right energy and my mojo just cannot function here. Few places felt right and it was like I was not running on all cylinders, I felt clogged up and bogged down. I knew I needed to find that space… get grounded and focused again. But on some level I just didn’t think I could have it without there being a dependence on outside forces to make that happen for me. The environment and setting had to be just so and I had to be sold on it, even the way I approached it effected the energy I felt there.


The problem with all of this is that I felt such a desperation for that Zenness. I yearned for it… I craved it. I wanted it with the impatience of a teenager and the poutiness of a harlot! Right NOW! I acknowledged that I could not always be up on the mountain but had to find  a way to bring the mountain to myself.


So began my quest. I prepared my bathroom for long hot baths with candles and rose petals and then focused hard on my breathing. I draped my patio with Zen like paraphernalia and water art and created little ceremonies and meditation rituals and learned to bring the desired atmosphere a little closer. But the ah ha moment was when I realized that the Zen was not so much about what was around me as what was in me. Big smile.


When I began to focus on that is when I realized that I could indeed have that Zen I desired in teenage girl time and love it like a harlot at the same time…. It just required the growing wisdom of a student and the careful observation of a sage.


I found a bit of Zen in Dr. Wayne Dyers book, Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life… Living the Wisdom of the Tao, a brilliant translation of the Tao and his suggestions for applying it to our everyday lives. I am no great spiritual devotee nor by any stretch a guru… but what I have learned is that there is wisdom everywhere, all we need do is be open to it. I found the book to contain little nuggets of Zen that we can all gleam something fabulous from.


The getting is in the letting go of our expectations and our creating new agreements with ourselves about how we receive our blessings and find peace.


Run a bath… light candles and play the sounds of 1000 chanting monks… sit quietly in the rainforest… or simply breathe deep and hone the Zen within. It’s yours for the taking.


Happy hunting…


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