Yoga, Nutrition and the Journey…

I have an awesome new development in my journey and I want to share this experience with you over the next several months. So…. Let me begin with a little background.

As a life coach one of the things that I believe is very important is that my life is consistent with what I represent in my coaching practice. I work with people to accomplish many things and one of those is to live a healthy lifestyle. This encompasses body, mind, and soul. In my case there has been something rubbing against me and making me uncomfortable for several years now.

I have for many years struggled with a thyroid disorder. I decided after much research on thyroid disorders and natural approaches to managing them that my strategy would be nutrition and yoga. I knew that certain foods stimulate the thyroid and adrenal glands and I firmly believe that nutrition is the prime factor in good health. You reap what you sow… and nutritionally I believe this is absolute. Additionally I knew that yoga stimulates the internal organs and glandular system.

Over the next several months I want to share with you some experiences from my journey into managing my hypothyroidism, nutrition, and yoga. So… here goes.


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