How Does Coaching Work?

There are as many types of coaching as there are coaches. Every coach has a unique and individual style and philosophy. Mine is typically one of inquiry and no nonsense feedback… I ask a lot of questions, lead you to stalk those answers, and help you make sense of it all along the way. I offer advice and tough love when its appropriate, and I am one hellacious cheerleader!

As to the specific niches or types of coaching… you can call it anything you want. I find my passion is in a few distinct areas:

Helping people reclaim their power… what does that mean? The ability to say NO… and to make yourself a priority in your own life is huge. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that are not healthy for us and we need to find the strength to get out and not repeat those patterns again that got us there… or we have simply lost our mojo and cant seem to find it. Hey… it happens to us all. I have been there and have found a way out… follow me!

Facilitating the ability to create healthy intimate relationships… Maybe you cant seem to find any frogs to kiss – healthy or unhealthy! Well Im the frog princess so come along… I got a wand just for this. Teaching you to define your values and needs and then to recognize those in another person is huge!

Creating Balance and Giving Directions. How many times have I heard someone say… my life just seems to be total chaos. Or… I am an over achiever ,but I seem to be missing what’s important in life. Maybe you woke up after years of living a life you simply don’t want to be living and have discovered a sense of urgency to get your shabootie together and get a life YOU WANT to live!

Any and all of the above… and many more scenarios. I have helped people with many different challenges and I feel qualified to coach people in most areas. But honestly; some things are just not in my skill range or I may feel you would be better served to work with someone whose niche is more in keeping with your unique circumstance or goals. If this is the case I am honest and will tell you so.

Something else I will touch on… we all have different personalities. Its important that the coach you work with connect with you and you connect with them… every coach and client are not made for each other. I encourage you to contact me and lets set up a time to chat… there is a certain energy that is exchanged between two people who “get” each other. It is vital that you feel that connection with your coach. If your ready to do this work and your honest and fair with yourself your coach is going to know the intimate details of your life… those things you buried in the deepest darkest recesses of your closet and hoped you weren’t going to have to look at anymore… so make sure you and your coach are feeling each other.

My motivation is to see you expand your life and live it to the fullest with gusto… if I’m not your girl I am going to tell you and would be happy to refer you to someone more suitable.

This is all about you… have fun with it… it’s a golden opportunity!


Some specifics about how this all works…

  1. When you decide to engage in a coaching relationship with me, I’ll send you a welcome packet to fill out and return to me, and we’ll schedule our first session. This is your opportunity to tell me your story and spill all the beans about your life.
  2. This first session is what I call the “foundation session.” During this session, we get to know each other and begin to design our master plan for our work together. Together we decide how to best facilitate our goals and objectives… we get out a map and start a supa dupa journey! The inspiration you gain from this session creates a fabulous momentum to set us on our way.
  3. At end of the first session, we’ll also set a day and time for following sessions. You will have the choice of one, two, three or four sessions per month… or more, this is your choice.
  4. Before each session, you can email or fax me any written work you’ve completed. I will read through it to prepare for our session… my work does not start and end with our sessions.

The incredible mojo of coaching is a powerful combination of the energy, inspiration and structure that is the nature of the relationship we forge. This process builds on the action steps or homework… (no this is not a throwback from grade school…LOL Its a big girl/boy version) that you complete between our sessions.

Coaching is a challenging process that provides encouragement and facilitates movement and action… it enlivens the energy in your life.  In the end, your own action that is the force that changes your life! Ultimately, you are your own champion… I am your cheerleader and coach… or Frog Princess.

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