Who needs a life coach?

Chyrl Mosely Forward First CoachingWell if you ask me its not who needs a life coach… its who doesn’t!! I think we can all benefit from coaching. Its more about when might coaching really serve you.

We often find ourselves a little stuck. We know we need to do something different, we know something needs to change but were not sure how or what. In times like this, what we often need is a fresh set of eyes (or ears)… someone who can look from the outside in and offer inspiration. Many times having someone ask the right questions will, in and of itself, create a whole slew of creative juices. It’s like brainstorming with someone who does inspiration for a living. Having someone stir up your mind and get things happening and then hold you accountable for carrying out a plan to integrate these ideas is priceless.

Many times we have an issue that is near and dear to the heart and we are too emotionally attached to the outcome to see and think clearly. We are too tied to the situation to get out of our own way so we can access the guidance we need. We so easily become attached to our expectations and then our feelings are fragile, wounded, or simply too involved to make sense out of a situation; its times like these that a coach can offer some much needed clarity and bring sanity to difficult situations.

Sadly as a society we have become conditioned to certain beliefs and one of those is that… we cant do it. The task is too large, unachievable, its ridiculous, its just a pie in the sky fairytale kind of notion. Maybe we have been beaten down for too long to remember that deep down in side ourselves we have the ability to be more powerful than we can possibly imagine. If that’s you… life coaching can be the motivation you need… I am an incredible cheerleader and have the pride of a mother when I see my clients kick adversity’s butt.

While I specialize in helping people step into their power and create healthy relationships, I have coached people through many challenges. Life coaching is for everyone… it’s a matter of timing. Are you ready to make a change? When the pain of being the same becomes greater than the pain of changing – we will change! When your ready… I’m here.

Just know this… it is entirely possible to be courageous and fearful at the same time. Sometimes you just need a new set of eyes and a cheerleader to bring you home.


I require a commitment to work with me for a minimum of three months, I have this requirement because I know in 20 years of doing this that you can not sustain change over time without a commitment of time… this is the minimal time I feel one can invest and make progress. In all fairness to you, your time, and your financial investment in the coaching process I have decided to create this three month commitment requirement.  There is a requirement  a minimum of two hours a month (two sessions) as this seems to serve the process best, when too much time passes between sessions momentum is lost and coaching is not as successful.

Fees spelled out

$300 per session

You will pay by the month based on the number of sessions you feel best serve you. I typically only accept Credit Cards and Debit Cards. If you need other payment arrangements we can discuss that.

I am blessed to be busy so my schedule is usually tight… please bear this in mind when coming on as a client. If you schedule time please make it a priority and keep your appointment.

If you think coaching is right for you then give me a call and we will discuss the logistics of my coaching and how it works.

That’s it, straight up and simple. If you have questions please call or email me.

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