Wellness Recovery

My last post was updating you all on my health challenges and my strategies for recovery. Well heres the latest. It has been a long road but, the thing I have reinforced for myself is that the journey is long, but most things in life return to what we put in our bodies… both physically and mentally. Approaching my health from this perspective has been a path of returning to the enlightenment I know.

Nutritionally clean whole foods that are alive and loaded with healing enzymes and nutrients is getting me closer and closer to wellness again. Mentally reminding myself that positive thinking and gratitude are key has been so refreshing for me. When I think of my illness now I am so grateful for my health and the loving people who surround and support me. I am grateful for the wake up call and reminder to not take anything for granted.

My sage tidbits for you are this… your body is a temple. Don’t forget to feed it. Load up on food for body and food for soul. Align yourself with that which serves you, remove that which takes away. Seems pretty simple but sometimes we get carried away in those moments of chaos and forget. Give yourself the gift of intention today.



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