Things to do before the ball drops!!

Here we are in the throws of closing out 2011. For some of us, other than the traffic of holiday shoppers, we have hardly noticed the hustle and bustle. For others… closing out the year is a huge deal. Regardless, its safe to say we should all take some steps to secure a fresh start by laying certain things to rest and fueling up for the new year and opportunities to come.

Here are some things to think about as we prepare to ring in the coming year.

  1. Take an inventory of 2011. What kind of progress did you make with last years resolutions? Do a little research into what your year looked like and where you feel you may have dropped the ball so you can begin creating a plan for 2012! Get some powerful positive mojo going and stamp out any negativity that might have been festering.
  2. This is a great time for updating. This could personally mean something as simple as a few new wardrobe pieces, a new ring tone and updating your Facebook profile to reflect important events and the successes you had in 2011.
  3. Professionally its time to update your resume and bio’s, and make sure your social media profiles reflect your accomplishments. Make certain your website is up to date and that its on target with your customers. List any special offers or offer something helpful. Also don’t forget to update the copyright signature.
  4. Get organized. Back up files on your computer, create folders for this year and the upcoming years files. I use Dropbox and have found this to be an awesome tool. Try it. Clean up your email files as well, this is a great opportunity to eliminate junk from your life by unsubscribing from those things that are adding clutter to your life.
  5. There is nothing like a new hairstyle and look to energize you into 2012!! Pamper yourself with something that updates your image. Gentlemen create an opportunity to treat yourself to a manicure and a new professional head shot for your updated Bio.
  6. Business owners… start thinking of your customers and how you can best reach them in 2012. Who’s your audience, has it changed? Consider offering something helpful to those you target through your social media outlets. Consider using Hootsuite to manage your social networks. **Now follow through with a plan. How and when will you reach out to your friends… family… clients? Make use of all the awesome new avenues we have… webinars, video posts, social media sites, email of course and don’t forget regular postal mail and the telephone… there is nothing like reaching out personally to a contact or friend. In our culture we tend to get disconnected by the cyber world we live in… but it’s the face-to-face contact and experiences we share that keep us thriving. Make time for the special people and clients in your life. Treat yourself and someone you enjoy to lunch or coffee and catch up.
  7. And last but not least… take a moment to clear out the mental and emotional clutter in your life. This can be quite a task for some of us but I encourage you to take it on. Its really no different than cleaning out your car… eliminate what is not necessary or doesn’t serve you, organize and prioritize the rest. Don’t you love that feeling after you clean house and you can sit back and reap the benefits… fuels you up and makes you feel fantastic!
  8. Off to a great start!!! Enjoy – 2012!

Do you have tips of your own? Helpful tidbits that have served you well over the years? Please share them!

Have a fabulous holiday season and all the best to you in 2012!!


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