Taking Things Personally

It seems that one of the saddest things I see is when people take others actions personally. I see it all the time. One of the ways I see people do this is on Facebook. Someone will post something on Facebook and another will for some reason think it is about them… the person who posted it, more often than not, had no intentions whatsoever for that person and were not even thinking of them when they posted it. I have seen families torn apart by this, relationships ruined by this and friendships destroyed by this…. All over someone making an assumption and taking something personally.

First off… what another person does is never about you, it’s always about them. Second… why make that assumption anyhow? We can never be in anothers mind; we can never experience life from their perspective…. How can we know what they think or how they feel? And if you are taking something someone else did or said or posted on Facebook personally… what does that say about you and your own energy? If you are coming from a space of fear or anger then your taking this personally is because you’re not in a space of love and truth with yourself. Your afraid of rejection, hurt, pain, losing something, not getting something, betrayal… the list goes on and on. This stands true for life outside of Facebook too.

The very best advice I can give you is this… Take nothing personally because whatever another person does is never about you, only themselves. Don’t make assumptions… communication is such a beautiful thing… open up and ask. If you’re wondering how someone is feeling ASK THEM. Assuming could ruin the chance of a great friendship or relationship. Especially in the beginning of a relationship people are somewhat guarded, they are uncertain where things are going, and they are looking for evidence… often times just like you are. Even when you are standing in your own integrity and being authentic the other person may not be sure how you are feeling. Family, friendship or romance… it applies across the board in every forum of life.

Blessings to you all… Chyrl

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