What do you not want to deal with?

A very important part of change is knowing where you’re coming from. Doing an inventory of our life and where we are in it is very important.

Sometimes it’s challenging to put into words or really put our finger on what brings us discomfort in our lives. There are many things we know we are unhappy with or unsatisfied with in our lives and usually those things are right there on the surface and don’t require much in the way of investigation.

It’s the things that are lurking beneath the surface that we need to look at. Think of the things that upset you. Things that bring you great discomfort, anger, fear, pain, confusion, or anxiety. If you find yourself worrying over something or spending a great deal of time thinking about it, perhaps you’re feeling some insecurity over something… its probably one of those things you need to look at.

What do you try to avoid in your life? What do you not want to deal with? The things we try to escape are the things we need to put on the top of our list of things to investigate.


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