STOP Living The American Dream

Aren’t we all in perpetual pursuit of happiness? I mean we get a little… well a lot… bogged down by life and running to and fro. But we live for those divine moments of happiness.

Have you ever read something that literally jumped off the page and latched onto your brainwaves like… as my grandmother used to say… white on rice? These powerful words did that to me… “We are too close to the American Dream to see the nightmare.” I cant remember where I read that or I would give them the much deserved credit for this bit of prose. My eyes fell quite silent to the rest of what I was reading when I came upon it. Because… it was profound to me. It seems many of us are in such a hell bent pursuit of “happiness” that we have totally missed the boat… we are instead living the nightmare of our pursuit.

We are consumed by being on the run and have little time left for enjoying the “now”… for reflecting on our lives and what they feel like to us. Each of us has a choice about how we perceive happiness and the steps we take to achieve that. I believe success is best achieved with a holistic approach that allows us to live life to our greatest potential and without the baggage of guilt and regrets.

Studies have shown that there are four factors that contribute most to our having meaning and satisfaction in our lives and achieving “happiness”:

  • Having a meaningful honest relationship with at least one person in your life – a relationship built upon trust
  • Having enough financial freedom to life life in a comfortable fashion without ongoing concerns about financial issues
  • Well-being of our Body, Mind, and Soul
  • Knowing oneself intimately and understanding what we require in the way of self care and nurturing

Simply put… when these things get out of balance… so does life. Being on the go all the time can create issues for us like: parenting that comes from a place of quick necessity instead of thoughtfulness, irritability, health challenges, poor choices, strained relationships, and the list goes on and on.

I encourage you to take time today to look at where you are in your life and ask yourself if your life might be richer if you made some simple lifestyle changes. Don’t spend your last 25 years trying to make up for the past 50. I have some tips that might help you!

A few simple steps that might just give you the nudge you need to live life with a great deal more abundance.

  1. Get some clarity about what matters to you… your values
  2. Set goals and objectives for yourself
  3. Don’t procrastinate or sabotage yourself… don’t make excuses
  4. Learn how and when to say NO
  5. Surround yourself with people who fuel you up and support you
  6. Love what you do… Make sure your career is something that is fulfilling and fun for you

Its just a start… But I challenge you to stop living the American Dream… and start living YOURS!!




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