Spring To Life!!

Spring Equinox… a perfect opportunity to spring into LIFE!

I think it’s amazing that on this day both day and night are each approximately 12 hours long. The Sun crosses the celestial equator going northward; it rises exactly due east and sets exactly due west. This year spring equinox is on Tuesday, March 20.  I think its absolutely fitting that things should be in such alignment at this time of year.

I look so forward to spring and have always thought of it as a time that marks the beginning of more daylight, warmer weather, and the rebirth of new life… and the promise of clean houses, fresh air and love seem to be everywhere in the air. I always want to get my flip-flops out and go put my feet in the sand!  It’s as if, it comes along and breathes new life into the world. As I child I was enamored with spring and always had a feeling of boundless energy and anxious anticipation and would inevitably find myself at the barn dressing my pony up in wildflowers and putting baby dresses on the dog! Hey… it’s a child’s life and I was readying myself for some major adventures with my playmates.

Spring is a perfect time to power up for a new season in your life. With the promise of sunshine and flower blossoms we feel energized and inspired to get our lives in order. Its time to clean our internal house as well… body, mind and soul. As we wake from the slumber of winter and revive we need to do some spring-cleaning of ourselves and take stock of the different areas of our lives.

This spring ask yourself what areas of your life need attention?

Think about your health, home, career, finances, relationships and your spiritual self… where do you feel you might be falling short?

Create a spring-cleaning list for yourself… eliminate the clutter in your house… the one we call our life! Here are some simple suggestions for taking stock and sweeping out the cobwebs!


  1. Do an attitude check… throw out any negative energies you might have floating around in your head and replace them with positive thoughts… expect the best for yourself.
  2. Is there something that is draining you that you need to rid yourself of? Unfinished business, grudges, neglected areas of your life, obligations, unachieved goals, people who drain you with negative energy and ongoing crisis… now is a perfect time to take stock of these things.
  3. Now clean house… complete any unfinished business, throw your grudges out with the trash… they don’t serve and only weigh you down, put your attention on what you might be neglecting in your life… especially yourself and then nurture it, don’t participate in drama.  Anything that’s not serving you or that drains you needs to go.
  4. Make lists of things… by writing things down we are able to free our minds and create more focus.
  5. Is your list realistic? Ask yourself… am I really going to do this… if your not then cross it off. Were looking for success here!
  6. Now create priorities… order the list and establish a deadline for each item. Each time you check an item off you will feel a renewed sense of accomplishment and encouragement! Get your game on and get with it!
  7. Out with the old and in with the new… what kind of useless habits do you have that you can chuck out? Its time to replace those with fresh and exciting activities and adventures. Do something new… fun… exciting… leave your comfort zone for a change!
  8. Get out your dreams and dust them off! It’s never too late to live the life you have always dreamed of.
  9. Feed your spirit with things you love… take time to smell the daylilies… have a massage, a pedicure, go to yoga, meditate a bit, play with a child, help out someone in need.

10. Now… live as if! Take your new attitude and springtime bloom and get your grove on. Do life with gusto… there is no time like NOW!


Hoping… Spring brings you boundless blessings!



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