Resolution Solution

The Resolution Solution…

This is the time of year that people start feeling the promise of a new year and with that come resolutions. People set all kinds of resolutions and among the most common are lifestyle changes. Here are the top 5; quit smoking, lose weight, get fit, stop drinking, and enjoy life more. Unfortunately statistics show that more than half of us don’t follow through with our well intentioned resolutions. What we need is a solution!

Solutions are about processes and methods of solving a problem. Regardless of what your personal goals for the new year… here are five helpful tips to for making realities out of your resolutions.

1. Write it down. Putting your goals in writing make them real and give them substance.

2. If you are trying to lose a habit… replace it with a healthier one. For instance, if your intention is to quit smoking; keep plenty of chewing gum, celery sticks, and water around and pick up one of these instead.

3. Position yourself for success. If you are trying to integrate healthy lifestyle changes, like starting a workout routine, begin by making it a priority in your life and don’t compromise.

4. Surround yourself with what you desire… put yourself in the presence of those who have achieved what you desire to do. You will gain inspiration and support by finding a mentor or group who has been successful at achieving the same or a similar goal.

5. Tell others what you are trying to do and ask for their support in achieving your new goal. Find an accountability partner to help you stick to your plan.

Remember that this is a new year and a fresh start. Even if you have failed to follow through in the past… don’t let that figure into your future. Envision life as you desire it to be. Think of how your life is going to look or feel when you have achieved your resolution and made it into a truth in your life. Now enjoy!!

Blessings to you all in 2011!!

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