Forward First on Skirt! Magazine

Skirt! MagazineOk… its official I am now also blogging for Skirt! Magazine… This is a very chic and trendy little magazine that I love. I invite you all to check it out… and my blog there of course.

Authenticity vs. ASShole

It always amazes me how people are. Myself included. We lie to ourselves every day. We look at the world through our lens and we tell ourselves that is the way it is. I get it… it’s the only view …

Feature Article –

Many thanks to for the feature article they were so gracious as to choose me for. I am delighted at the honor. Please read it here and visit them for awesome dating advice!!  Read the article Article HERE

Music For The Soul

I have always believed in the ability of music to touch our souls. It crosses cultural and social boundaries and unites people with a common thread… Ahhhh. So sweet. We relate to music, express our truth in music, grieve in …


I want to speak for a moment of forgiveness. I cross paths so often with people who are carrying a burden of fear, judgment and anger towards someone that is consuming them and limiting their lives in ways they cant …