New Direction

We all go through life experiencing change that is propelled along by the breath of God… like the gentle meandering of a leaf in the wind. Of course that is if we have developed enough in our journey; then we experience that journey with little resistance. Otherwise, we stumble along falling face first time and again, until we find a better way that involves less resistance and more allowing.


My life is taking a new and unique direction… and whereas once I would have resisted this with heels dug in and fought furiously to stay off the change… today I am more gracious and try to ride with the tide of change, I find myself looking forward to the unknown around the corner with the unmolested excitement of a child. That alone is beyond my previous comprehension… just to allow. I’m still learning, but what I have experienced is that sharing what I have experienced and what has been useful to me along the way is rewarding, and I find fulfillment in that.


Part of my new direction is to redirect the focus of my blog and to expand my efforts. The goal of my blog has always been to bring you information and tidbits here and there that would both inspire you and be useful to you as you travel along the path of your own journey. So what does expanding this mean… well I cant say with complete certainty what this will look like. It may come in the form of bits of wisdom I have found profound or sharing my thoughts on those people, books, movies or products that I feel are useful and significant in this journey of life. And… it just might be in the form of wading waist deep in the river of life with you… sharing the pains, joys, and ah ha moments of this life right along your side. Maybe not that different than before, but my guess is you will feel a new direction and my hope is you will love it!


You see what I find is that people are searching… they have a hunger that they cant quench. Much like Llewellyn Vaughn – Lee explained; we try to fill up a void inside ourselves with material things, food, our careers, love affairs and other such worldly goods when in fact what we are seeking is something much deeper and not at all of this world. It is an understanding, an internal joy, a higher power and the internal relationship with ourselves that we yearn for. We are each mystics in our own rights, whether we realize it or not, each of us in seeking an enlightenment of our own. We traverse that path by taking in tidbits here and there until at some point things begin to come together and we start to feel the unmistakable hum that occurs when we have connected with the source we seek.


My goal… to give you helpful tools and information… and to be a voice that will feed and nourish you in your journey. I hope you enjoy! Please let me know… send me a note or leave a comment.





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