Love… Are You Soul Mate Savvy?

Single people often ask me how will they know who their soul mate is. I tell them its kind of like looking for a new house. You don’t know what your new house looks like until you see it… but you certainly have done a great deal of research and given ample time and energy to investigating what matters to you in your new home. You’ve considered your needs, wants and desires and you’ve probably even hired a professional to help you in your search. Why wouldn’t you do the same for your life partner? I mean a home is an important investment… but you may only live there for 5 – 10 years… your soul mate is someone you plan to invest your SELF in and spend eternity with!!   Why would you not give equal care in preparing for and considering your soul mate?

February is the month of celebrating love, I invite you to explore what your soul mate looks like this month.  Start by using these three steps to get you on the path to being soul mate savvy!

  1. First things first… are all systems go? Ask yourself if you are ready, willing, open to and available to commit to a relationship? Make sure your life has a special place waiting for your soul mate. This place should consist of time, space, energy and enthusiasm!
  2. Begin developing your soul mate description by asking yourself what is your soul mate NOT. Do this by considering past relationships and things you know about yourself and your needs. Make a list of what you don’t desire in a partner; now create from that list a description of your soul mate by developing the positive opposite from your list. For instance if one of the things your soul mate is NOT is “unfaithful” then your soul mate WOULD BE “A devoted faithful man/woman who is passionate about you and totally committed to your relationship!” Also be certain to include the things that are intuitive to you. Clear away the clutter in your heart and become very sharp about your vision of your soul mate.
  3. Envision this person in your mind… Imagine your life with your soul mate. What does it look like to you? Does it feel authentic? This is your system of checks and balances… your litmus test if you will for your soul mate description. When you really begin to imagine spending your life with this person and you see them in your life… does it feel real and is it in integrity with your values and desires?

Now that you have done the homework… it’s time to make it happen. You have designed a description of “the one” now get to work manifesting him/her in your life!! Put those skills of creating what you desire into action.  Love is in the air…

** Stay tuned for the next post and learn how to hone your manifestation skills so that your body, mind, spirit and home are soul mate ready! We will discuss keys to preparing yourself on all levels.



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