Happy New Year everyone! I’m a little late with my New Years Post so I decided to skip the standard “new years resolutions” post this year. Instead I just went with what was on my mind and felt good today.

I had the pleasure of spending holiday weekend with many of our friends and family. Being the eager student of life that I am, conversation always has a way of turning at some point towards ones path in life and lessons learned along the way. One conversation in particular stands out and really made a deep and meaningful impression on me. Wanda probably has little idea that the words she spoke to me took hold like they did. I am always trying to find new ways to explain to people what love is and how to demonstrate that to the people in our lives. Finding that perfect balance between love and healthy boundaries seems to be an ongoing struggle for so many. We love, so we tolerate things… things we sometimes shouldn’t, or we visit the opposite extreme and we are intolerant when we should be more so. Therefore, we are always seeking that balance, and to learn how to live love and not just say love. I was so moved by her words in our conversation and they resonated with me on such a meaningful level. I fell compelled to share my thoughts on what she said.

We were discussing relationships and what comprises a healthy strong relationship… what the ingredients are. I have so much respect for her words and thoughts on this because her relationship is one of the special ones we see and all wish for, and they have spent 43 years together… so they have staying power and experience! She shared, that for her, the key was that she and her husband cherished one another and how important she thought that was. We talked a little about what that meant before we had to move on to other things. But I could not get that conversation out of my mind. Its like I knew there was something very meaningful to be gleamed from those words… some real tidbits of wisdom were in there… so I began to think and study what it was about those words that were making such an impression on me. And finally I realized it was that one single word…


To cherish is; to hold dear, to feel or show affection for, to keep and cultivate with care and affection, to nurture, to cling fondly or inveterately to.

Other words associated with cherish are: adore, appreciate, cleave to, coddle, comfort, cultivate, defend, dote on, embrace, encourage, enshrine, foster, guard, harbor, honor, idolize, nourish, nurture, preserve, prize, revere, safeguard, shelter, shield, support, sustain, treasure, value, venerate.

When we marry we promise to honor and cherish the one we bind ourselves to… its even a covenant with God to do this in most faiths.

Think of each of those words. Let the meaning sink in deeply with you. Think of your partner and ask yourself… are you cherishing them? If you are, then my guess is that your relationship is solid as a rock and it is grounded and strong like an oak tree… deeply rooted and sheltering. It is well fed and feds all of those around it as well. I think to cherish, is to not take for granted, but instead, to be ever in the presence of that constant appreciation and love

Isn’t this is how we should love all of the special people in our lives, our family and friends… please cherish those you love.

Happy 2013!!


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