My challenge to you today is to look beyond.

We have a tendency to limit ourselves in our own vision, our own expectations. I see this manifested in many ways. When we seek something in our lives we form an idea or a vision of what that looks like to us.

I see this happen in two ways… in that we overlook opportunities because they don’t look like what we have in our heads… and that we fail to see the forest for the trees.

For instance when looking for a mate, or a career, or a home… we begin to eliminate or overlook anything that does not fit our vision. Let me be clear… I believe that having a vision of what you seek in life is a must and it creates clarity and allows us not to be distracted from our goal. Now, having said that, I also believe that we have to challenge ourselves to realize that the fruition of that vision may not look exactly like you have in mind. For instance the perfect partner for life may be someone who fits your vision perfectly and is undeniably an incredible match for you but they may not look exactly like you are expecting them to look like… in other words  miss out on your soul-mate because hes a 45 year old, 5’10” red headed banker instead of a 40 year old, 6’2″ Italian attorney! The packaging might be different but its whats inside that matters. Its the substance we are seeking.

This can also apply to seeing more than what the eye initially beholds.






When you look at this picture do you see a forest and lots of flowers… or do you see a pathway weaving through a violet carpet of color into an enchanted land with all natures most precious gifts to keep you company while you explore a treasure with peaceful intention?

Again… I challenge you to look beyond. Look beyond your own vision, look beyond what they eye initially beholds. Challenge yourself to creatively explore the path to the destination.



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