Introduction… Bikram Yoga!!

Nov. 3
Today began my Bikram Yoga practice. I found my way to the yoga center just before the class began, placed my mat on the floor and lie down like everyone else in the class. The room was dark and hot… 105 degrees and 40% humidity. This even sounds crazy. I mean who in their right mind would want to be anywhere that it was 105 degrees, much less be there and attempt to do 2 breathing exercises and 26 postures of Bikram yoga!!

The lights come on… the class begins. Jack, our instructor for the day, welcomes everyone. He ask how many people are there for their first class… I am the only one. He says, “Great, your only job today is to breathe and stay in the room.” I nearly laugh out loud… I think I even said something like that this sounded easy enough. But then something makes me think that maybe not… maybe he’s serious. The class is 90 minutes long. In less than 10 minutes I am sitting on my mat on the floor feeling light headed and trying to complete my one task…. Breathe and stay in the room.

The heat seems oppressive, sometimes I feel like I cant breathe and I’m even a little queasy. But…. It feels GREAT!! I am expelling copious amounts of fluids in sweat. I feel as though I am making a complete fool of myself trying to make my body do things it has not voluntarily done since I was in the womb. There is no place for pride or vanity in the yoga room. Levels of flexibility vary and people with no semblance of abs and less than an athletic stature struggle to do even what appears to be the simplest posture (I am one of them)… while I watch a young woman with a lithe toned body… who with all the grace of a ballerina completes what is a stunningly beautiful practice. I am trying not to stare but I am in awe. All types are here and there is respect among all… support and a common bond shared in the goal. A calm peace takes the place of everything else and I begin to focus really hard on two things… breathing and locking my knee. I smile… this is not an easy task. After the first class I go home and for the first time in years other than when I have been sick… I took a nap in the middle of the day! But I knew without a doubt I would be back the next morning.

Nov. 17
Now I have been to eight classes. Something is happening… I can feel my body is different. NO I’m not crazy. I’m serious. Inside it is different. I can’t explain it, but things are changing. If it is possible my insides feel happier. I have more energy. I feel CLEAN. The detoxification in Bikram yoga is incredible. My skin is clearer than it has been in years. My body is more supple and my soul is happy. I am fighting off some bug and this just gripes my behind because I am totally incensed that it is going to get in the way of my practice for a few days. But that’s ok… I will be back.

I am loving this hot and happy business of Bikram yoga.

This is awesome folks… If you have not tried this… YOU HAVE GOT TO DO IT!!!

Please note… I will be doing later post in addition to this with some basic information about Bikram Yoga and this particular center. I was fortunate enough to do an interview with Jodi Chmielewski and Diane Ducharme. Jodi is the owner of the Bikram Yoga center here in Lexington and Diane is a senior Bikram Instructor here to teach a Posture Clinic and Yoga Class. So stay tuned for my interview with these two awesome ladies… good stuff!!

Check out the yoga center here…. Bikram Yoga of Lexington


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