Ground Zero

Today when we remember the tragedy of 9/11 so many things come to mind. The loss and continued suffering of that day that has become a hauntingly branded into our history and it has never been more clear to me how troubled this world we live in is.

The earth it seems is weeping in the wake of our complacency and lack of respect for her. The children of the world are suffering on so many levels and humanity is reaping the consequences of our lack of leadership and unwillingness to take responsibility and be conscious about the change we need to invoke.

Today, in memory of 9/11, I invite you to ask yourself what can you do. I personally feel a responsibility to encourage people to be conscious… live with intent. We are here for a short time and yet our footprint is huge. We tend to think that one person can’t make a difference… so untrue. Each of us has the ability to make a difference. It’s in the small things… like being responsible for your space in the world, having compassion and spreading love not fear. Take care with your choices and how they will impact the rest of the world.  What can we do? Well… No I am not out protesting and rallying in Washington… instead I chose to make my impact on a more personal level. In a sense we are all standing on Ground Zero.

I don’t know what your values are or what you believe in, maybe it’s something completely different, but no matter, I encourage you to live and act with intent and consciousness. The world needs love. Love starts with you. We have to begin to realize that violence will always be met with more of the same. We need to wage peace not war. Compassion and love needs to be first and foremost not money and political agendas. We have to come to realize we have a humanitarian and ethical responsibility to care for the world and its people and make it our mission to eradicate hunger, poverty, and preventable disease. It is time everyone realize that all people are created equal and we need to put a stop to racial and social injustice. There is a sense of entitlement and with that comes an expectation of instant gratification that has poisoned our world. The things we are entitled to in this world are the things I am speaking to above… not material goods and an easy trouble free life. We are not entitled to a strife free marriage and perfect children… that takes work and we need to step up to the plate and meet the challenge with commitment and a promise to stay the course and work things out instead of bailing out. As I tell my clients… its not about what challenges you in life… its about how you rise to that challenge. We can all sit by and tell ourselves a story about how this is not our problem, and how we cant make a difference, or how were too busy with our own lives to get involved… but in the mean time the world is falling apart. Tell yourself a different story about how each of us has the power to make a difference. I invite you to ask yourself… what can I do?

It’s your turn… pick up the staff and carry on.



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