Gratitude For Knowing You

Yesterday I got an email from a client and I thought it would be appropriate to share it and talk a little about how the things she speaks of parallel’s each of our lives.


Gratitude For Knowing You

How do you thank someone for breathing life back into you? I truly don’t know.  I am fortunate enough to have listened to my inner voice and went  to Chyrl’s free seminar. It has changed my life. I read about her in the New Awakenings magazine and had marked it for months before I went. The hour I spent there has and is helping me become a new, healthy, happy and free-er New Me everyday. 

Chyrl has the passion, drive and intuitiveness to see beyond the clutter and mess one can make of one’s life. She is an inspiration, a teacher of breath of life. Her insightfulness and ability to ask the right questions drives it home.  To be able to pinpoint the target. What one actually needs to address to move from point A to point infinity.  To get down to the business of life.  Restructuring one’s vision of what one needs to become.

There is not a day goes by that I do not reflect on my consultations with her.  I have miles to go before I achieve my best self again but the contrast between then and now is inspirational.  I hope that someone who reads this will not the wait the months it took me to go to Chyrl’s seminar or contact her. What a difference a day makes.  I love you Chyrl and miss you.  I thank you with all my heart for helping me.  I hope I see you soon.  Who loves you baby?  I do. 

Lynn Faye Lawrence

I believe that there is no happenstance about life… we are meant to cross the paths of certain people in our lives. Sometimes this is painful and sometimes as Lynn said… that person touches your life and breathes life into you in some unique way. There are few days that go buy that I don’t think of Lynn and our work together… she and all of my clients are as much a blessing to me as I am to them. We grow together… at different rates and different mile markers in our journey but each traveling the same road none the less. Gratitude is something I speak of often. I believe it is the foundation for life… its where we separate the garbage from reality. Life can get cluttered with the nuances and challenges and we easily get distracted and sometimes we begin to focus on the gap instead of the bridge.


Thank you Lynn, for this lovely testimony and for being part of this wonderful life of mine, and the countless things I have so much gratitude for. Today I challenge each of you to focus on the bridge… begin by counting your blessings. This approach has a special way of putting things into perspective and bringing our attention back to the bridge. We need not look far to see someone who is suffering and more challenged than ourselves… acknowledging our blessings allows us to reach that place we seek in life… and do it with gratitude.





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