Going up on the Mountain

I have always valued time for myself. With each passing year I have given myself the gift of time in the form of journeys to realign myself with my values and stalk my purpose and intentions in life. These trips were sometimes alone  and sometimes with groups on similar paths. When embarking on one of these journeys a friend used to laugh and say … “There goes Chyrl… going up on the Mountain again?” What a great analogy… in the bible, Haggai 1:8 says, “Go up to the mountain, and bring wood, and build the house; and I will take pleasure in it, and I will be glorified, says the LORD.” Thats what I feel like I do. I rebuild the house or refurbish it so I can realign myself and get in touch with my purpose and authentic self. I open myself up and wait for divine inspiration to take place in whatever form it comes… and it comes.

Last month I took another trip to Teotihuachan. Teotihuachan is an pre-Columbian Mesoamerican archeological site in what is now located in the municipality and city San Juan Teotihuacán. This inspiring place was built by the Toltec people who followed a wisdom tradition that Teotihuacan was built to inspire and uphold. Built thousands of years ago, these wise people understood that our lives can be a dream of heaven on earth – a dream filled with peace, happiness, grace and love. This is one of the most incredibly connected places I have ever journeyed to.

The journey, shared with 11 other beautiful people, incorporated visits to this inspiring city of plazas, temples and pyramids and follows a path devised by ancient masters, that is best described as, a space that is illuminating to those places in our minds where fearful beliefs limit our happiness, peace, and joy. This journey fostered expanded awareness, and I was reminded to choose love over fear and to let go of my need for control and simply allow, I was again reminded of who I really am. This journey once again restoring my authenticity, that which is genuine and true for me. Theres such an energy of creativity and inspiration there, I simply love to go there.

One of the things I rediscovered about myself is… that I have much to give, but I am too busy or too preoccupied with my own agenda to truly give it. I am a life coach, an awesome inspiring individual with a gift for compassion and tough love, dished out at just the right moment, with wisdom and insight. I love my job but I have been focusing on life in a different kind of way. Reality check… done. Its time for a tune up. 🙂

Like all of us I have some revamping to do but so totally excited about this new direction. My message… don’t miss the forest for the trees. Prosperity is not achieved by marketing. Its achieved by doing and giving and being real to yourself –  by living in your truth and being authentic to your purpose.  I have nothing to fear, nothing to lose and everything to gain. This is all a big part of the art of allowing, so with a spirit of giving, my coaching practice is about to undergo dynamic changes… I have much to give, let the giving begin.

Stay tuned… big changes are coming!


Also: Many thanks to Lee McCormick, creator of the movie Dreaming Heaven, and Maru Ahumada for a beautifully mentored journey, to my fellow Goddesses and our Token Man Pablo, and to the wonderful hospitality of Lee, Alberto, and Veronica and all of those at The Dreaming House.


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