Getting Grounded In Spring

We all get swept off our feet from time to time by life and all that it encompasses.  Between working on new ideas within my business, moving into a new house, being a single mom, loosing my grandmother, and coming to terms with my father’s illness I have felt the pull of every day living in my life as well.  When this happens to me I know I need to give my attention to being well grounded.

Sometimes it takes me only a moment, sometimes an hour, a day… whatever it takes I have a process. For me… this is about getting back to the basics. My advice when people ask me about this is; get in touch with the simple things and take care of yourself. Take notice of what is taking place in your life and how it is fueling or draining you. Take a deep breath and allow yourself to live in this moment right now. For me, part of getting grounded, is getting in tune with mother earth… spend some time outdoors… literally feel the earth under your feet, get fresh air and take in the smell, feel, sounds, and sights of nature. And yes… even the taste of nature by enjoying fresh vibrant food of the earth… what you fuel your body with is a real part of your ability to be grounded and clear.  Exercise, yoga, tai chi… anything to bring air into the lungs and energy to your center will quiet the chatter of life.

The birds are chirping and the gardens are blossoming… whether its planting perennials or taking a long walk in the park… take time to reconnect with yourself and mother nature! Wishing you a joyous spring!!



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