I want to speak for a moment of forgiveness. I cross paths so often with people who are carrying a burden of fear, judgment and anger towards someone that is consuming them and limiting their lives in ways they cant even see. I am a believer in forgiveness. When we hold on to something and dont forgive we use that person to shut ourselves off from peace and then we blame them for our own choice and the consequences we suffer. So consider carefully how this works and how it affects you. Please forgive… do it for yourself.

But, I want to carefully clarify something… Pay attention!!

There are also people who are victims of their own forgiveness. Forgiving someone does not give them a license to hurt or disrespect you. You forgive to a great degree for yourself. Respect yourself in that process. If you can no longer trust someone to relate to you with integrity then you are not required to have them be part of your life any longer. You dont have to give them the opportunity to disrespect you as a human being if they are not bringing quality to your life then you can choose to no longer interact with them. You can part from them with love and earnest wishes for them to experience the best in life and find their own peace and joy.

Forgiveness is not about endless opportunities for someone to abuse you or disrespect you… its about loving yourself enough to give yourself the cleansing gift of forgiveness.

Blessings… Chyrl

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