Craziness Happens

Once upon a time I was this sassy (I thought… really just immature) girl who thought I had the world by the tail and had everything all figured out. I would go along in this daydream for quite sometime deluding myself with my awesomeness until something crazy would happen and totally turn my perfect little world upside down… and I would think… shazam!!, I guess I must be doing something wrong. Let me just get my control freak on and make an ass of myself and I can fix this. Now I have a slightly more eloquent approach and have come to welcome those moments of craziness, I see them as opportunities to expand and to experience some kind of transformation in my life… and my craziness is a little bit different.


Now let me clarify this by telling you that there are, without a doubt, two kinds of craziness. Just plain ole craziness like when my daughter painted my mothers whole dining room table with liquid paper and my dad who was on massive does of pain meds for lung and bone cancer was fishing (and catching them) while sitting in his chair in the living room… and then there’s stupid crazy like when I drove all the way to Michigan to have a face to face confrontation, with someone I had no business chasing around, just because he wrote me a letter telling me he was not going to talk to me anymore. I mean how dare he!!! Used to when things happened in life that I didn’t like and the outcome was not what I had in mind…Load up the crazy wagon and lets go!!!  I was the one who was creating the next craziness. Now days I just observe and most of the time I can kinda go Ehhh… whatever. I mean for goodness sakes lets just spend four hours cleaning up this table… there’s no point in cursing at it and then burning it… and lets face it there could be something to fishing from the living room, at least there are no worms involved!


Now that’s progress. Lets face it… we are conditioned to believe we can have anything we want and that if we simply take charge and demand it we can make it happen, and some of us call that manifesting things for ourselves. Well let me tell you that the drive to Michigan ended up manifesting some things alright, but in hind sight I shoulda just went with the Ehhh… approach. But all things happen for a reason and its just part of our opportunities to expand ourselves.


My past craziness was painful and full of lots of unhealthy suffering, todays craziness is less stupid because, thank God… I have taken a large dose of humility and gained something akin to wisdom. But things happen that rock my world none the less. I got terribly sick earlier this year and had have a pic line put in and be on over 40 days of IV antibiotics with daily trips to the hospital. I would say this was one of those events that turned my world upside down; but my response was instead one of gratitude. No not for the illness, but for life and my family and friends and where I was gonna be on the other side of all of this. Before I might have created some whole big ole whopping ass drama for myself over this and committed pittyside. And made lots of other peoples lives miserable so I would feel loved.


What I am trying to tell you people is this. Stop the press  and pay attention!! Today… people pay me to give them good sound advice (I know I cant believe it either) about how to deal with challenging situations in life and they think I am some kind of sage spewing lots of wisdom. But I am just a girl who has lived enough life and experienced enough pain to realize I needed to do something different and change the way I perceived the world. I have learned to gain clarity, developed something called discernment and to best of all how to dream a new dream about life and I love this dream. It is mostly full of sound thinking and good ole common sense honed from all that stupid crazy I am talking about above. And what I am telling you is that life is a journey and you are gonna fall down and you are gonna get kicked while your down sometimes and if your anything like me sometimes your gonna be stupid crazy… but if you make it your intention to view the world through a different lens and see life as an opportunity filled with all kinds of possibilities… one day someone just might think you’re a sage! I know… its radical but hey trust me on this… there are people out there who are gonna think you have arrived in glorious style and look to you for answers and advice! And somewhere deep down inside… your gonna be evolved enough to know that although you are an infant in the journey… on some level they are right. So seize those moments, have a little faith in the process and find your way to the other side of stupid crazy! It’s a beautiful place 🙂



The Frog Princess  aka Chyrl

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