Don’t let losing your job put a strain on your relationship…

Even as the economy rebounds, many people find themselves unemployed and job hunting. Losing your job can be a strain on even the most secure and loving relationship. Staying focused and communicating with your partner through this tough time is the best way to keep things positive.

Here are 5 tips for growing with your partner while you are unemployed. Being unemployed can be an opportunity for growth in many ways.

1. Communicate – Discuss your new situation with your partner. Now is a perfect time to create a vision for your life and put it on paper. Take this opportunity to get clarity about what you would like to happen in your life next. This is something your partner and you can do together. Life with your mate is a joint venture so ask them to help you redefine what your goals are for your next job and how it fits into your life vision and plan. You may even find that this is an opportunity to expand your education, make an exciting career change, or even become an entrepreneur.

2. Use your time wisely – Make good use of the free time you now have. Set job searching goals; allot specific time for researching those new career opportunities and your job search. This IS your job now. In the extra time you have, remember that your partner is likely feeling additional stress also because of this situation. Helping out with chores and catching up on projects that have been neglected will certainly earn your partner’s appreciation, and they will be grateful that you are taking on these things.

3. Don’t forget to make time for each other – Now is a perfect opportunity to research a new hobby or rediscover an old hobby you can share with your partner. You don’t have to spend money to enjoy each other. Perhaps you both have an interest in hiking but never found the time to pursue it before. Getting out of the house and spending quality time together will strengthen your bond with each other… and forget being a couch potato… exercise is just what the doctor ordered for times like this. The fresh air is not only refreshing, it will also help clear your mind and make you sharper and more focused.

4. Quiet time – Reconnect with yourself… set aside time to meditate or pray. Studies have shown that there are psychological factors involved in prayer and meditation including relaxation, the power of suggestion, expectation, anxiety reduction, conditioning and hope. The altered consciousness and spiritual effects of meditation and prayer can result in an inward sense of peace and strength. Share this with your partner and gain strength together. This is a perfect way to stay positive – remember the Law of Attraction… you attract what you spend your time doing and thinking.

5. Don’t forget your life – Stay connected with friends and family. You can gain valuable support and encouragement from the people who care about you. If you have children, spend time with them; take this opportunity to build memories. Include your partner and make this a time for strengthening the bonds of “community” with family and friends.

Losing your job can be frightening… it is life altering. But it does not have to be the worst time of your life. Including your partner in your process, managing your time well, spending quality time with your partner as well as family and friends, and making the time to meditate and pray can make this a time for positive growth in your life. You may end up with a wonderful new life and career and have a stronger, more fulfilling relationship because of sharing this experience in a positive respectful way.


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