Lynn Faye Lawrence

Gratitude For Knowing You

How do you thank someone for breathing life back into you? I truly don’t know.  I am fortunate enough to have listened to my inner voice and went  to Chyrl’s free seminar. It has changed my life. I read about her in the New Awakenings magazine and had marked it for months before I went. The hour I spent there has and is helping me become a new, healthy, happy and free-er New Me everyday.

Chyrl has the passion, drive and intuitiveness to see beyond the clutter and mess one can make of one’s life. She is an inspiration, a teacher of breath of life. Her insightfulness and ability to ask the right questions drives it home.  To be able to pinpoint the target. What one actually needs to address to move from point A to point infinity.  To get down to the business of life.  Restructuring one’s vision of what one needs to become.

There is not a day goes by that I do not reflect on my consultations with her.  I have miles to go before I achieve my best self again but the contrast between then and now is inspirational.  I hope that someone who reads this will not the wait the months it took me to go to Chryl’s seminar or contact her. What a difference a day makes.  I love you Chyrl and miss you.  I thank you with all my heart for helping me.  I hope I see you soon.  Who loves you baby?  I do.

Lynn Faye Lawrence

Lexington, KY

Laurie Guzman

The benefits and rewards of having a life coach like Chyrl are like winning a lottery ticket! You finally have options and the means to move forward to living a happy, successful life. And today, that can be achieved even without winning millions of dollars. For this I am grateful for Chyrl.

I had reached a pivotal point in my career as well as in my personal life when introduced to Chyrl through the Brentwood/Cool Springs Chamber members. Chyrl was in the process of relocating her Forward First business to the Nashville area and was in search of someone to assist with her public relations efforts. What Chyrl and my friends at the chamber did not realize is that I was praying and searching more than ever for someone to be my coach, a support system and a person who would recognize areas of opportunity for me to work through so I could move my life forward! I have been the “Go to person” for years. I have been starved for a “Go to Person” in my life. I wanted permission to keep a daily focus on my needs and the clear understanding of how to nurture my passions in a healthy self-regarding way so I could support those who need me.

My family, my friends, and my work/life environments provide me with consistent, daily reminders to stay the course and expect great things. But it is with a coach that I keep ME first, the right way.

In just a few months, the foundation has been laid for a new business concept for me to launch, a perfect work/life balance job opportunity with the potential to grow into a role without boundaries both lucrative as well as personally fulfilling. Manifesting, creating, believing, staying the course these are the homework assignments that Chyrl will expect of you. You have to do the work but she will guide the way. That in my opinion is a smart investment into your future. I thank you Chyrl for expecting the best of me.

With love and appreciation,
Laurie Guzman
Franklin, TN

Rolf Provan

Chyrl is above all someone I trust and can rely on completely. She doesn’t take herself too seriously and is a lot of fun to be around. She is also an extremely positive person.

Chyrl’s own unique life experiences and the steps she has taken to succeed in her life are evident in what she shares with me and how she communicates. Chyrl cares about me and takes a genuine interest in what is going on in my life. She is able to step back and help me see the big picture when I am so involved that I lose perspective.

She has a knack for asking questions that help me reflect on issues in my life, without being critical or judgmental. Chyrl cares about the issues I face in my life whether they be personal or professional. This is important, since she is also not afraid to dispense some “tough love” when I don’t want it but most definitely need it.

Everyone should have a “Chyrl” in their life!

Rolf Provan, CEO
The Marketicians
Louisville, KY

Merry Keller

When I first met Chyrl I was skeptical of the coaching process in general but I was desperate and at my wits end with all the crap that had piled up in my life. I was working in a job I all but hated and I had just been dumped by the man I thought I would marry.

Today with Chyrl’s help I have created a life for myself I never thought was possible and I see things in a way I was never able to see them before. I had fallen into a trap of repeating patterns in my life that lead me to settle for less than I deserved and resulted in my own unhappiness. All the dead ends in my life were my own choices and today I take responsibility for my choices and make better ones that make real sense and serve me well.

I have a job I enjoy and a relationship I thrive in. And I have learned how to live for the long haul… not the short term. Thank you Chyrl. You are a truly unique and gifted individual I call not only my personal coach but my dear friend.

Merry Keller
Lexington, KY

Morgan Shaw

I met Chyrl through our shared interest in horses and worked with her as my riding coach/trainer. She has become someone I look to for guidance in many areas of my life.

As a coach, Chyrl is very positive and supportive. She’s also a forthcoming partner who is enthusiastic and diligent; she has your best interest at heart and is very trustworthy. Chyrl’s very good with words and has the ability to put things into context and make complex situations easier to understand.

One of the things I’ve learned in my work with Chyrl is to set goals and to do what’s needed to achieve them, without letting the “ups and downs” along the way blur my vision. She has a way of encouraging people to look at the positive side of a situation, while helping them figure out solutions for the negatives.

Morgan Shaw, RN-CC
Brooksville, MS

Mark Latham

Chyrl is not only a gifted leader and coach, she is a brilliant visionary and outstanding speaker… she is a pleasure to work with and brings insight and real life wisdom to the table that is both refreshing and energizing. She gets right to the root of an issue and achieves real results.

Mark Latham – Corporate Trainer, Wyndham
Sevierville, TN

Kristeen Owens

I met Chyrl when I was a twelve-year-old, budding horseback rider, and she was the professional trainer of choice in Starkville, Mississippi. As a riding coach, Chyrl had high expectations. She expected me to be dedicated, and she expected me to practice diligently. She was never pushy; she just always wanted me to work hard and do my best.

Chyrl was much more than just a riding coach to me, though. Over the years, she became my friend, surrogate mother, and counselor. When I was a teenager struggling to figure out life, she was there for me. She always listened to my troubles, yet seldom offered quick judgment. On many occasions, she provided me with a shoulder to cry on, and gave me her honest opinion.

Chyrl understands the value of empathizing and has a heart for connecting with others. She played a significant role in my adolescent and teenage years, and I will forever be grateful for the patience and tough love that she offered. She taught me to always be honest, even when it hurts, and she taught me to face my problems. She is undoubtedly responsible, in part, for the woman I have become today.

Kristeen Owens
Bowling Green, KY

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