Authenticity vs. ASShole

It always amazes me how people are. Myself included. We lie to ourselves every day. We look at the world through our lens and we tell ourselves that is the way it is. I get it… it’s the only view we have and our consciousness is such that we often cant see outside our own field of vision. We are limited by our conditioning and our domestication in this world.

I challenge you to think about something though. No matter how right you might think you are… could you be wrong? Could there be another truth? Are you certain enough to bet your life on it that your truth is the only one? Hummm

My contention is with those who think they are the only ones who are right… why is this? Is it that conditioning, or perhaps they just simply believe that their intelligence is so far superior to others that the rest of the world is wrong and just cant see it??? Isnt that the ego running amuck right there? And what of those who somehow think they are “spiritual endowed with some special wisdom or gifts” that make their viewpoint superior to others?

I am a big believer in being authentic to yourself and living your truth… I think we all should… but when doing so comes at the expense of others I have to question it. The next time you hear someone say that another person getting hurt by their actions is not their problem and that their first duty is to live their authentic life… ask yourself this question.

When your setting a boundary or being “authentic” to yourself… are you really or are you just using that as an excuse to run amuck without accountability for your actions?

And… if you are or somehow you can justify that. Then… Good luck with that… karma is a bitch.

Because when you do that… when a human being sets boundaries or lives their authentic life they will either heal or harm with each step they take and perhaps treading lightly is something to consider. Is that part of having integrity as a human being? And perhaps having consideration and compassion for someone else’s situation and owning your own part of things and holding yourself accountable is part of living in that integrity… and maybe living in integrity is as important as living in your own authentic truth? Maybe for those who possess that compassion and accountability… they can do both? Maybe you cant be authentic without a degree of integrity and accountability for yourself?

And for those who don’t care… well maybe you should question if they are worth having in your life.

And don’t get me wrong… I totally get that we should be so solidly grounded in our own love of self that whatever another does really can’t touch us. And… this isn’t about that.

Thoughts?? How does this strike you?

Blessings peeps!! Chyrl

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