Chyrl Mosely Forward First Coaching

About Chyrl

Coaching has been a part of Chyrl’s life since the early 90’s, growing up in a horse family and learning to listen to see past the fur started as a young child and it was a passionate love.

As a serious rider with Olympic dreams, she apprenticed with an internationally renowned Olympic equestrian. Chyrl was a successful competitor and trainer, but found her niche coaching others to achieve their own equestrian goals.

Chyrl retired from the equestrian world to pursue other passions, and today she brings her skills to Life and Relationship coaching.

From whip to wand

Equestrian coaching is no different than any other kind of coaching… its all about helping people get from point A to point B… building bridges to span the gap. The horse world is as full of drama as any other part of life and more so in many ways. I began coaching people to perform on a national level in a high risk horse sport… today I coach them to navigate the high risk road of life. You see I have lived life too… I have had some pretty awesome successes and some pretty horrendous and ugly failures. I have fallen down and gotten up and I have kissed so many frogs and learned so much about the lily pond I have traded in my whip for a wand! People playfully refer to me as the Frog Princess and I guess the title fits. I have a gift for seeing past the toady green facades in life to the charm that lies underneath… whether it be in life or love… I have a wand for that!

I encourage you to read my blog posts… they are glimpses into my life and who I am… where I gleaned my wisdom from and what my road has looked like. Im just like everyone else in life… I took quite a few falls before shaking the dirt off and realizing there had to be a better way.

Seize the opportunity

There is no time like right now. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not here yet… but there is right now.

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