40 Day Fast…

16 Days ago I began a 40 day fast.

Sounds extreme even saying it. Fast you ask? What do you mean a 40 day fast? A fast can take on many meanings and shapes. For me this fast is about fasting from things that muddy the water. Unnecessary distractions, unhealthy choices, unproductive ventures, and unsatisfying experiences! I am detoxifying from the UN”s!! We all hit those moments in life when we just feel the need to clean house. Call it detoxifying, call it reconstruction… call it a FAST. Why does it feel like fasting… because it’s about leaving things behind, giving things up, abstaining… and it’s done with intention.

The goals of my fast are two fold… deal with the UN’s and find new inspiring fuel!

The UN’s for me are things that drain me, distract me, clash with my intentions, or in some way take from me. For example… I have become more and more interested in getting cleaner and cleaner with my nutritional choices for many years now and that has lead me to explore the raw vegan lifestyle. For some time now I have been trying to take that final step… so for this fast my goal is to go totally vegan and eat 85% raw. So… this fits in the UNhealthy category… giving up the dregs! The precision elimination of any residue from my previous SAD (standard American diet) nutritional lifestyle and embracing powerful fuel for my body is a major area I am tackling as part of my fasting goal!

Today I have won a battle… Coffee. One of the big challenges I have had was not giving up a filet, Reece’s peanut butter cups, or even feta cheese… it was half and half. I began my love affair with coffee several years ago, equipped with a plentiful supply of half and half and sweet n low, I developed what my father calls my “blonde concoction” of cream and cinnamon with a touch of coffee that was nothing short of divine. This is a problem. Now I am challenged with giving it up! No more oral ecstasy each morning to get my groove going on! NASA… there is a problem.

In an effort to give up the “dairy” and artificial sweetener I have been nearly addicted to using in my creation… I have experimented and had many failures. I found that although I love a robust bold dark coffee I am NOT a black coffee drinker, and non-dairy creamer just does not cut it… besides… what is NON-DAIRY CREAMER anyhow… I mean isn’t that an oxymoron? Recently I have discovered So Delicious Coconut Milk Vanilla Cream… oh yeah! This is an “Ah Ha” moment. A jackpot discovery. Coconut milk is healthy, dairy free, all natural and this stuff is DELISH! I am so geeked to inform the world that I have found the answer to my coffee crisis! This stuff has made the vegan world a much friendlier place to be. And I am a happy camper! This alone makes my fast a success. 🙂

Being my eternally optimistic self I am very encouraged. 24 days to go! It feels good… really good. Stay tuned for more… its bound to get better!

P.S. What do you need to fast from????


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