Journey Back to Health and Wellness

You may have noticed that I have been MIA my blog has been silent since earlier this year. Its been a hell of a ride. I have spent the last 75 days fighting for my health and 31 of those days hooked up to an IV drip taking antibiotics to fight off a series of serious infections. Late last summer I noticed a small place on my arm that looked like an ant bite but was very painful and red, I went to the doctor and was told that it was MRSA. I got a script for antibiotics,recovered with no difficulty and moved right on with life, never giving it another thought. Some months later I noticed that I was struggling to have the energy to make it through the day. I was slowly gaining weight and feeling like I was struggling with this since it has been years since I had any difficulty maintaining my weight easily, this was perplexing to me. I decided that perhaps I was starting early menopause and began to eat more consciously and exercise more. But nothing changed, after two months of rigorous boot camp workouts and very careful nutrition I had only lost a couple of pounds and seemed to be more tired and exhausted than ever. Then came the surgery, a routine surgery on my sinuses… no big deal right.


I expected to have the surgery and get back to my workouts, create a plan for dealing with the hormonal issues and get my life and health back on track. This did not happen. Following the surgery I experienced tremendous pain in my face, extreme exhaustion, fevers, and flu like symptoms and despite oral antibiotics and prescription pain medication nothing was changing. I was sick and I felt it all the way to my bones. I realized that something was very wrong with me and I began to visit a series of specialist and doctors to determine why I was not healing and what was causing my health to suffer. Finally I was told that I had MRSA and a bone infection in my surgery site.  The speculation is that the MRSA I had suffered earlier had not totally cleared and had lie dormant and finally there was a wound and a compromised immune system… a perfect storm for MRSA to wreak havoc on my body. Fear is not something I have experienced often but I admit to feeling very frightened. The proximity to the brain and the fragility of the tissue in my sinuses put me at risk for the infection crossing the tissue barrier into the brain and having had experience with the sudden death of someone I knew because of something very similar made me all to aware of how serious this was.


I began a journey to fight off the infection and regain my health. I can not tell you the astonishment at realizing now how I have always taken my health and wellness for granted. Simple things like going to the bathroom without a pump and a bag of fluids, freedom to engage in everyday activities in life without having to be tied down to a picc line and daily treatments, taking a shower and washing my own hair, freedom from pain and sickness and fear… energy to simply function. Looking around the infusion center every day I took in how many people there were experiencing similar challenges, many sicker than I and with much more threatening illnesses. I began to realize how fragile health is and how quickly it can slip through our fingers. Being an advocate of health and wellness and practicing what I considered a healthy lifestyle I was stunned by how quickly my health had left me.


I’m going to tell you, I think there are many contributing factors to my illness and that I was afraid… I have never been so sick in my life and at times I thought I might die. It was frightening… it was a wake up call. God has my attention… I am listening. I will continue to share with you my experiences, this is just a starting point.


I am still waiting one more culture to confirm that the infections are no longer present in my body, but I feel hopeful and confident in my freedom from this burden. Day by day I feel stronger and more full of life again, I took my first shower night before last and wept while I did so because I felt so much appreciation for my new found health and the blessings in my life… little things like showers. I struggle to take things slowly and not get in too big a hurry to return to life as I know it… relapse is not something I desire to experience. Today my plan is to eat healthy, appreciate life, give thanks, help someone, and go for a walk. Wow… thinking that only a few months ago I was doing boot camp… granted I was struggling through it… but I was making it, today just a simple walk without feeling light headed, sick to my stomach, or totally exhausted afterwards is a good goal. I work quietly reading and absorbing positive thoughts and energy from familiar sources of inspiration and start to put together the beginnings of a plan for my journey back to health and wellness.


I’m slowly working out what path to take and how to approach this journey. The possibilities are so limitless that I sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed but I trust that the way will make its self known. I have faith that God will send me the guidance and direction I need and the waters will part… J


Why am I telling you all of this… because I was a healthy, fit, lively, vibrant human being less than a year ago… in great shape and flourishing. What I want to say to you is this, don’t take anything for granted in life, not your happiness, your dreams, your family and friends, or your health! Live every day in the moment and take care of your body… mentally, physically and spiritually. Realize that even in the most difficult and challenging of times there are bits of wisdom and a brilliant lesson to be gleaned… another opportunity to grow. When life gets you down… take a deep breath and come for a walk with me. I think by sharing we connect and form bonds that carry us thorough when we need inspiration. The journey back will be fantastic… I’m going to share it with you and I hope you will share parts of your journey with me. Lets do it together. J




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